YouTube Creator Studio App for iOS – iPod iPad iPhone

YouTube Creator Studio App for iOS – iPod iPad iPhone — Derral explains YouTube’s new Creator Studio app and shows how to check your videos, real time stats, push notifications, and reply to comments directly from your IOS device.

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43 Replies to “YouTube Creator Studio App for iOS – iPod iPad iPhone”

  1. West coast Croppers

    You can see a lot. But can’t DO much. Add a thumbnail to a video. Whoopty-do. I wanted be able to do endscreens, polls, subscription reminders, product links etc from one app. I essentially want the old desktop creator studio layout as an app. That thing had so much you could do to draw in viewers. Pretty much All the analytics that are on new “studio app” are on the old desk top version as well.

  2. Tara Barnett

    This really helped me because my friend daisy told me about the app YouTube creater studio but I did not no how to put it on my iPad so thank you soooooo much it means a lot to me I ow you!😻😹

  3. EeuorT

    Why? Go to Chrome app, go to Youtube site, request desktop site and done. Full Youtube "in the palm of your hand". I don't think I'll waste the time or storage space on this app.

  4. hi2hello2bye

    Please will you make a video on how to change the 'about' section on a youtube channel. If you can please could the video show how you do it on a mobile because I'm really having trouble trying to figure it ot and its so frustrating. If you could make this video that would be a massive help thanks so much

  5. Maria TheUnicorn

    Hey Derral, I just started my channel a month ago and I'd been using creator studio and the thing is that I got around 10 cents after 6 videos n then it went to 7 cents n then 0.05 n 0.03 n now it's 0.01, idk why it's happening, can you help me out please?

  6. Kolitha Ekanayaka

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  7. Mike and Mandy Perkins

    Thanks foe a great video Derral! Quick Q – this app doesn't seem to have the 'create' section that you tube comes with on the mac. My problem is I use a lot of you tubes 'free music' for our videos and I am having issues when saving them on my mac because I am signed up to apple music, so i thought I would download this app to be able to store the music on my iPhone direct where I make the videos from. Any suggestions on this one? Many thanks, Mike

  8. Nidhin Pb

    I see lots of people keep on talking about Devomobiron Secrets (look on google search engine). But Im uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried this popular make money from iphone & android apps tutorial?

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