You’re not crazy, iOS 11 is killing your iPhone’s battery (Apple Byte)

12 top iOS 11 features –
The Apple Watch Series 3 LTE won’t always send your SMS messages. Plus: the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are crackling and the iPhone X could be back ordered until early 2018.

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49 Replies to “You’re not crazy, iOS 11 is killing your iPhone’s battery (Apple Byte)”

  1. Sankalp Kalbag

    I still don’t understand the lithium battery explanation that Apple is giving. Why didn’t the same apply to the iPad?
    There is no battery health option for the iPad. Apple should be sued for this.


    Had an iPhone 5 and 1 year ago found out it had a defect. I got a newly manufactured iPhone 5 so now it is 1 year old, and I have had random days of boot loops. Lately they have been happening almost every day for 8-10 hours, it happens less when in low power mode. I am on iOS 10. If I want to use a certain repair application for iPhones to fix it, it will update me to iOS 11 and since iOS 10 something is no longer signed, I won't be able to go back. SHOULD I DO IT (and be forced to go into iOS 11 with iPhone 5)? PLEASE also suggest any other ways to PERMANENTLY or CONSISTENTLY fix this boot loop!! <3 I am so dead inside from this happening so please let me know SOMEONEEEEEEEE :/ .

  3. Nursing Student

    My App Store is draining my battery big time overnight, with 75% of the usage being from that in background usage when I turned all that off, I’ve even completely reset my phone and no luck, please help!

  4. Edward Darkness

    Guys I just buy a power case charger it was working perfectly in iOS beta 3 then beta 4 has come and I update it then now my battery case is work just 6sc and turn off automatically! Anybody guys please help.

  5. TCP IP

    Thinking back to the famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial, Apple today has become exactly the thing it then run to destroy. Apple sheeples today feel like IBM zombies. Steve Jobs, where are you?

  6. Scotty Z

    Litterly I have the iPhone 5s. I updated to iOS 11 and I’m lucky if I get an hour of battery life off this thing and it’s not the battery it was fine before updateing…fix this shit apple

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