Xiaomi Redmi Pro Teardown : Full Repair Guide : replacement parts

Checkout links for the replacement parts (Help me by buying from aliexpress through my links. Much appreciated. (because youtube doesn’t pay small channels anymore)
This video will take you through teardown of the Xiaomi Redmi Pro and full repair guide.

Even a dollar helps me. click the link to donate…Thank you

If you want to buy this phone:

Glass only replacement(if your screen and touch works fine):

OLED touch Screen assembly with front glass:

for black and white:

Home button/ fingerprint reader :

Back cover/ battery door/ camera lenses :

Power button/ Volume buttons and flex cable

Main flex cable…

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29 Replies to “Xiaomi Redmi Pro Teardown : Full Repair Guide : replacement parts”

  1. Suleman Kiyani

    Dear i am from pakistan i a having redmi pro i have problem in my camera its not working i have to order the camera from ali express when the repairer change the camera its shows blank screen den i order again to ali express and the next time when the repairer change the camera same issue happen so kindly tell me coz there is no shop here in mi in pakistan

  2. Rahman Lao

    can u help me?
    my Redmi Pro always got disconnect every 5 minutes when connected to internet, its randomly connect again but need 10 minutes.

    i already googling the trouble, but it said must replace the Antena Wifi, in Your video doesnt share Antena Wifi? which one is that? Help Please.

  3. Joe Yap

    My redmi pro drop and LCD broken but i dont know the touch screen is broken too. the link you share its which one? actually i just want to take out the contact and the pictures. can help?

  4. Bojan Kostadinovski

    Hello, i need to know about the controller that controls the charging process, where is it suited and where can i order one. I have also Redmi Pro, but recently my friend dropped wine on him, so at the repair store told me that controller for electricity in the phone is damaged and i need a new one. Also schematic will be very appreciated, thanks

  5. Eckho Eyes

    Je viens juste de la rallumer, trois mois qu'il s'était éteint, l'écran explosé au sol… (Je manquais de matos, c'est pour ça que ç'a mis du temps).
    Ta vidéo m'a vraiment, vraiment aidée ! Bien faite, tout expliqué, au top.
    (Par contre, j'ai dû en trouver une autre pour changer l'écran seulement, sans le cadre.)

    En tout cas, encore merci, j'ai l'impression que les vidéos de réparations sur ce téléphone sont rares… (:

    (S'il y en a qui ont besoin, voici l'autre vidéo pour changer seulement la vitre :
    https://youtu.be/Nb5Gck4zwQg )

    Thank you, your video was really helpfull to me! My phone is now repaired (three months later 'xD – missed some stuff).

    But, I needed another video to manage without the frame – link upside if someone needs – I didn't see during my order that a screen can be bought without it…

    I find videos about this phone hard to find… So, thank you very much, again. ("And again. And again… and again, and again and again.")
    Great experience. (=

    Have a fun day. ^^

  6. Xabi Trigo

    Please DON'T buy the touchscreen from the seller provided in this video. I had a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. I bought two units and both were faulty. Also aliexpress resolved the dispute for the seller so I lost my money. I will not buy on aliexpress anymore, too big a risk.

  7. Ioannis Theodoridis

    Hello. Nice overall guide but I must say that the screen part is almost non existant. That was the one I needed by the way. I appreciate all the effort done in the "how to get there" part, but once I was there I was pretty much clueless. Apparently there is a second black hole under the adhesive which is located on the upper part of the phone under the board. I did not succeed in removing the screen by pressing in to those even after heating it and ended up breaking it further. Even for the just the screen professional equipment is necessary I am afraid. Also the dealer for the screens (link is in the description) does not produce parts that are 100% fit. The first screen I got was a bit too big and as a result it broke when I tried to get it in. The second replacement (yes I actually ordered a second one) was too small so it moves around and can't lock into place. Or I may be missing a trick of the trade or two, which are also not included in the video.
    Conclusion: If you break the glass or screen, get the whole screen replaced at a professional or get a new phone. The other parts may be worth doing it yourself, provided they are the real thing.
    And yes the glass replacement is by far the most difficult part. It needs special equipment to separate the glass from the screen. Don't even bother without it. The parts you get with the screen replacement are not suitable at all for this kind of work. They are only good for unscrewing and opening the case without causing damage.
    Finally be carefull with the battery. It's strangely soft for a battery and its form can be slightly altered if pressed, so watch how you touch it.

  8. dandi2193

    i´ve experienced problems with wifi and bluetooth connections, first the connection was instable, worked about 20 – 30 minutes and disconnected, sometimes worked sometimes don´t but then couldn't activate the damn thing at all, i tried to factory reset and flashboot with the official rom but nothing, you think this could be an antenna problem?

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