Xiaomi Mi Max 3 vs Samsung S9 Plus Speed test/Comparison

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10 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Max 3 vs Samsung S9 Plus Speed test/Comparison”


    Mi max 3 isn't ridiculous with just SD 636 processor, it's not a bad processor and the price of the Mi max 3 is very correct for his flagship no ? The optimization and the general balance of a smartphone is very important too !! Some smartphone have a good processor but aren't well optimized so the general balance isn't good and they lose in speed.

  2. [cs] trace

    Test the phones with the game MODERN COMBAT VERSUS!

    Trust me, it’s the ultimate phone-killer at 60 fps (you have to turn it on in the settings)

    If the phone runs it without any laggs/freezes/fps drops and without overheating after 20 mins of playing, ITS DEFINITLY WORTH BUYING!!!

    pls give it a try…

    Btw I love ur videos!!

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