Why I RETURNED The iPhone XS & XS Max


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iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are very good phones, but…

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38 Replies to “Why I RETURNED The iPhone XS & XS Max”

  1. Marc Balatbat

    I returned my iphone xs max. I got the 256gb and returned it. After a few days of using it I just did not find it worth keeping. I figured I would just wait for the prices to go lower or find a really good deal on a used one later on. Im back on my 7plus 128gb jet black. I still love it and with the update (ios12) its still fast. cool honest video! keep it up man!

  2. RebelSoul556

    i returned my galaxy s9 plus 3 days after buying it…i fell for all the droid numbers hype bullshit again…all these gigs of ram blah blah blah all these features blah blah blah…i should have known. i learned this the hard way once. i'm a fool for doing it twice lol. switched from an iphone 4 to a galaxy s4 the first time…aside from the lte network capability the iphone was just so much better…for me. the s9 is like the same bullshit but with a fingerprint scanner and a ghetto face id…on android apps crash like 10 times more often at a minimum, goofy glitches just like a windows pc…app optimization isn't nearly as good, so many things that just suck. everything i do on a phone can be done far more efficiently on ios. so glad i went for the xs max. absolutely my favorite phone i've ever had..i wish apple weren't so expensive but the user experience in comparison to the frustrating glitchy android pc style performance it's worth it as much as we use these phones…ios just runs so close to absolutely flawless..nothing is perfect but apple products are extremely close.

  3. Ori

    The speed difference between the x and the xs will be noticeable in one year, especially because it has an extra gb of ram. Also don't forget about the extra antennas. I just tested the XS on my LTE network and I'm getting 130mb download speeds – which is INSANE. Another factor is the residual value in two years, which will be higher for the XS, i.e., you will get more back when you sell it.

  4. Chris topher

    Too many issues with the xs phones, especially for the extreme cost, connection and charging problems, camera is average compared to a Huawei mate 10 pro /p20 pro, Apple have hit a brick wall, android are just getting better and better and super value. I sent my xs max back and feel relieved, i kept my mate 10 pro, so glad i did as its still the best phone I've ever owned. Its future proof, the battery and camera are the best out there by far and can do so much more than any iPhone .even a mid range android phone is as good if not better than an iPhone. I must of been crazy to purchase an iPhone xs max, never again. I think the iPhone craze is more about fashion status and selfies than about productivity. £1200 for iphone xs max 256gb or £429for mate 10 pro?

  5. Toyota4Life

    Still running my iPhone 7 plus.

    Not trading it in for any of the new iPhones. The IPhone 7 is such a beast with a great camrea in a slim package with great battery life. I use mine and see no real reason to upgrade other then a slightly larger screen which is not that much bigger anyway. The price to performance ratio in daily usage with my iPhone 7 to new iPhone are almost nothing. The new phones are just not worth it. Waitin for many the iPhone 11.

  6. patrick Rj

    You don’t get it dudes all Apple stuff is Shit like shit on my shoe You heard of the MacBook 2018 addition it heats up the Chinese YouTube say After 10 minutes using the laptop it heats up yet
    yet to put in the freezer to cool down don’t know why he did that but whatever it’s $8000 laptop every year they charge items more than last year and it breaks faster than last year and that’s what you don’t get you guys are Apple idiot you’re a fan of Apple other you put apples in your ass every nightI bet you tried to put the phone in your ass and let your mom call you that’s how I found apple but android is better the future is Samsung PS guys if you keep buying phones from Apple it will break faster than ever try a new phone try some android phones if you guys only Samsung try pixel phone so my guess is the best android phones are Samsung or Pixels

  7. Matthew Lemmers

    Because there really is not a huge reason to upgrade from the iPhone X. The performance is almost identical as well as the screen is almost identical. Obviously they don't intend on people with the iPhone X to upgrade this year but it just doesn't seem worth it.

  8. Tony A.

    I understand your decision. But I would have just kept the Max… I feel like they'll expand on its value of the bigger screen. They'll update apps and make it more with it in time. At least thats what I'm hoping for. Coming from an 8+, I'm satisfied with the upgrade.

  9. SeriousBeats

    Makes sense you bought them to make all these videos and adrev and returned them and got your money back. Either that or you didn’t return shit lol.

    Prove it show a return receipt or label.

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