WHO’S FASTER? iPhone X VS iPhone 8 Plus – Speed Test

In this video I put the new iPhone X against the also new, but not as new iPhone 8 Plus in a speed comparison test to find out which one is faster. I test them while booting up and opening a variety of popular applications to see how the new iPhone 8 Plus stacks against the even newer iPhone X.

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10 Replies to “WHO’S FASTER? iPhone X VS iPhone 8 Plus – Speed Test”

  1. Akane Soratobu

    that one sec minute difference and people pay so much for the X. People dont even know what the X really mean for the elites. X really means they accomplished something much more for the elites which is the face ID

  2. Akane Soratobu

    i feel people are paying so much for the OLED and the emoji app which the emoji to me is really just to sell the phone. Also the face ID is just another tool for the elite to see and save your facial future.
    Iris scan, figer print, face ID, then the chip inbedded in yourself is next. Come on guys why pay so much for the same phone.

  3. Akane Soratobu

    the screen on the iphone x seems to be pink, while the LCD screen on the iphone 8 plus seems white which seems better. What do you all think. Which screen looks better?
    Also dont you agree that the screen is a lot bigger on the iphone 8 plus while watching movies and such. You lose a lot of dead space on the X.
    I feel the iphone 8 plus is undervalued as well. As a lot of people say the 6+ the 7+ and 8+ is identical its really is not. The outside appearance might look the same but the inner hardware is different. Just the chip itself with the geekbench says its different. You can see the difference playing games and such.
    I say the 8 plus is the best iphone so far in my opinion who else agrees. Give me a thumbs up if you agree

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