In this video I’ll be comparing the iPhone 6S to the Premium compact camera Canon G7x & a Prosumer DSLR the Canon 70D. What do you think is the best?

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28 Replies to “ULTIMATE iPHONE 6S SHOOTOUT (vs. G7x & DSLR) – PART 2”

  1. R Flo

    I actually LIKED this video very much. I just moved abroad and didn't want to bring a ridiculously expensive phone with me so instead bought the G7X. I wanted to get good pics in this country…But I wondered if I gave up a perfectly great camera on the phone to buy the camera. Well, you've restored my confidence in my purchase of the G7X. And I DID wonder what would be the difference in picture/video quality. Looks like I made a good choice. Thx for the vid.

  2. The Tooth Fixer

    I had a question.

    I have a Nikon D3300… and I paid about 300 US dollars which is a great deal.

    I was wondering. What do you think is better in terms of video quality.
    The Nikon D3300 or the canon g7x?

    After I purchase another lens for the DSLR it will come out to the same price as the canon g7x. So give me your opinion.

    I mainly am using it for tech video reviews on my channel.

    Does the g7x provide the same bokeh in videos as a dslr?

  3. Kay Konvo

    I am starting to vlog on my channel, I have a nikon dslr with a f1.8 30mm lens. Do you think this is good for vlogging or should I get the G7x? What would you recommend?

  4. TechRebelurAverageDog

    Not a fan of IPhone but sadly in this video that iPhone out preformed that G7x not only does stuff look sharper but its brighter & hands down ore clear I was looking at getting the G7x but with this comparison it sorta changed my mind to stick with a smartphone why pay more when it looks better then a over priced camera

  5. Geto Dacian

    – Sony A7, Canon 70D, iPhone 6S, Canon G7x 🙂 …you have a lot of cameras…When you don*t need one, give it to me. 🙂
    – iPhone 7 + 1 inch sensor will destroy the G7X :))) and also the point&shoot cameras.

  6. acdc22man

    You should cut the videos in full size and simply show the left half of the G7X and the right half of the iPhone 6S next to each other. I think it's easier to compare 🙂

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