Top 5 Reasons Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than iPhone 6S

In this video, I will share my top 5 reasons on why I think the Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than the iPhone 6S.

Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus:

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35 Replies to “Top 5 Reasons Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than iPhone 6S”

  1. Mo pro

    no debut that s7 is better, I think the comparason should be against s7 vs 7
    However android is killing S7 badly ;P
    It would be a dream to run a fully optimized iOS on galaxy devices. in that case galaxy s4 will be able to compete with iphone 6s ;P

  2. Stev A

    Man you forgot so many things. What about widgets, ultra power saving, multi window and floating window, one hand operation, quick toggles, custom launchers, custom icons, Samsung pay, Google now, and any of the rest of the hundreds of advantages of not being an "i" idiot!!!

  3. Rock&Roll

    This is his opinion you are entitle to your dude. I have ios is limited in function they force you to use their app. Angel Lopez. , don't just say android suck it's just different. Like eating an apple don't say orange suck.

  4. MrKomer

    You're giving us an opinion about the phone you didn't even hold in your hand yet?! You should make the video "5 reasons why should you unsubscribe from this YouTube channel" 😉

  5. Adolphin Hither

    Do you just normally record your videos in your car to make us jealous ? You just say "hey! Why don't I get in my car and talk about smartphones while going to get groceries! " not hating, just wondering.

  6. Eric Mazariegos

    As a user of both iPhone (iPhone 6s) and Samsung (note 4) there's one difference that matters the most: THE SCREEN. The screen on iphone is so shitty and it is laughably worse than the Galaxy phones. And isn't the screen, what you're going to be looking at all day, going to matter the most? Take the bad things from Galaxy phones (lag, build, software), and remedy them like the Galaxy s7, you've got a perfect phone. I want it really badly… Really… Badly…

  7. Leyton Lerone

    Amazes me all the time that fan boys always take offense no matter how unbias a reviewer tries to be. Great review ST.

    btw, samsung had a great marketing technique, from the inception of the s6 every move was specific and intentional, from removing external storage, to the new premium design, etc. Knowing that they'd bring it back, with better battery life and water resistant. Very stellar move. I'm going to guess that they may bring back the ir blaster on the note 6, wouldn't be surprised if they exclude the water resistance feature though, to keep the need for the s7 and only cater to people who buys the note for the bigger screen, the s pen and better battery. We'll see, I'll wait for the note 6 or get the s7 edge.

  8. fabian nolastname

    I've used note 5, and s6 edge plus, great phones lots of features great camera, but I keep coming back to my iPhone 6s Plus. Numbers and specs don't mean jack crap, real world use is all that matters in my book, iPhone FOR ME is a well balanced phone.

  9. Angel Lopez

    So you don't upload videos that much and when you do you compare a phone that isn't even out yet and all those features you mentioned are worth nothing with that shitty software called android , iOS is way better than android and 3D Touch is better than anything that Samsung could do

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