This color-changing hair dye transforms your look based on your environment

This color-changing hair dye transforms your look based on your environment

Imagine you’ve just dyed your hair and it’s changing the color whenever you’re heading to a new place. Wouldn’t it be nice? Well, this is no magic or fairy tales anymore. The Unseen, a London-based innovation, product development and technology licensing company has developed a color-changing hair dye that can change your hair color depending on the environment around you.

Named Fire, this hair dye reacts to shifts in temperature. For instance, it could be red when you’re in a hot temperature and could revert to a darker color when you’re heading towards a cool weather. The color-changing hair dye comes with the carbon-based molecules. When they are subjected to temperature changes, alter their light absorption thus produce different colors that you can change just by changing your location.

color-changing hair dye

Is it toxic?

When it comes to hair dye, there is always a concern whether it’s harmful to your hair or not. Creator Lauren Bowker, mostly known as ‘The Alchemist’ within fashion circles, tells Wired that her product uses less toxic materials, such as wraps the irritant materials in polymers to minimize the damage. So, it shouldn’t be more harmful than the typical hair dyes we find in the drugstores.

However, before releasing the product to the public, they still need to optimize and assess the chemical formula in terms of toxicology. The production oriented testing is already underway. The color-changing hair dye debuts t London Fashion Week in collaboration with Storm Models.


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