The moon gave us a hitch hiker’s guide to the 4 billion years of history

Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the 4 billion years of Technological advancement

In the 21st century, living in a sky encroaching skyscraper thinking about how the world was 4 billion years ago is unearthly. Later on, you will discover a new identity of the moon. It is a cosmopolite which has witnessed everything that occurred on Earth. How could it be if the moon gave us a hitch hiker’s guide to the 4 billion years of history?

Subconscious human minds ponder that how the earth embarked upon its journey. During the primitive era 3.3 million years ago how the hominin used stones to make fire. Looking back at the past years, innovation and discovery came from the necessity of fulfilling needs or inquisitiveness. The sheer inquisitiveness led to the biggest discovery, fire. Eventually, fire indirectly developed our brain years by years.

Primitive inhabitants of our kind developed mind-bending tools to develop and ease our lifestyle through diligence. Pace by pace from fire to nuclear fission have changed the avenue we lead our lives. However, Futurism designed an info-graphics which shows the tech evolution. We have attached the timeline beneath.

The Infographic 

Infographic taken from Futurism

Infographic taken from Futurism

Is it not thought-provoking that how Abbas’ willingness to fly seeded the idea of building an airbus like A350-900? Or how Al- Khawarizmi’s algorithm paved the way to work on AI! 


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