The iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Is Here – How To Prepare & Downgrade

If you’re currently on iOS 11 and stuck without a jailbreak, then you may want to consider installing iOS 11.3.1 as soon as possible to place the odds in your favor.

The official Electra website was recently updated with a footnote about how the Electra jailbreak tool would soon support iOS 11.3.1.

In this video, I will explain all the details on how to prepare for this JAILBREAK

Download Firmware:

Glass Screen Protector used:

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21 Replies to “The iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Is Here – How To Prepare & Downgrade”

  1. Leowulf™

    Hey Shevon, did you commission a designer to create that intro or did you make it? It's not great, it's incredible and I love it so much man.

    I stumbled across your channel because of the dBrand skin videos but I've been subbed for months now and your videos are so good. It makes me happy to see the videos get more views, you deserve it.

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