The Best Android Launcher of 2018?

Welcome to my Best Android Home Launchers of 2018:
(0:00) Aio Launcher:
(0:30) Live Launcher (Now called U Launcher):
(1:04) ASAP Launcher:
(1:44) ADW Launcher 2:
(2:30) EverythingMe:
(3:10) Anole Launcher:
(3:53) Lucid Launcher:
(4:25) Desktop for W10:
(5:08) KISS Launcher:
(5:41) Nova Launcher:…

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21 Replies to “The Best Android Launcher of 2018?”

  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Which Launcher is YOUR Favourite?
    If you've been following my Twitter / Instagram, you'll know I just got back from CES 2018, where I met tons of other YouTubers, and learnt so much about how to make good content – expect this to be applied over the coming weeks! 😁

  2. Andre Nava

    all launchers are cool and all of them have pros and cons. U Launcher is my fav. Whats the Wallpapaer youre using with the EVERYTHINGME launcher please? and whats the phone youre using? looks awesome!!!

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