Sketch App Tutorials – #11 iOS Design UI Tools

In this Sketch App video tutorial, design and prototype iOS apps faster than ever before with the Sketch 3 iOS UI Tools. Subscribe for more free tutorials more Sketch App Tutorials:

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33 Replies to “Sketch App Tutorials – #11 iOS Design UI Tools”

  1. Sakshi Tyagi

    Hey, thanks for the great video!
    I have a query though, how can I use the 'material design' symbols and the 'iOS UI design' symbols in the same file? Because when I choose a new template, it creates a new Sketch file. Can I even do both these things in the same file?

  2. Ryan yang

    I am now trying to use the ios UI presets in sketch 3, it tells me that the fonts are missing which are the apple SFUI fonts. Do you think is there anyway to relink them or just find an alternative way to mock up the UI?

  3. Kassy Shen

    Thank you for the great tutorial. What's the version of the Sketch App here? I'm using Version 3.7.2 (28276), seems the latest, but I've found something different from yours, like, there is no 'Reflection' feature below 'Gaussian Blur'' in the right.

  4. Amit Bassi

    Hi thanks for the tutorials, its really a great help. I need to know, cant we align the shapes/objects to the art-boards? Like we drag and get a object but manually have to adjust it…

    Thanks for your time and consideration..

  5. Samity Sam

    Hi ya, 

    it's weird but I'm not getting this blank page. I've got a document which is loaded with iOS elements. It's all the time when I choose New from Template/iOS UI Design. 

    How can I fix this?

  6. Rio Collins

    Only literally found about about Sketch3 yesterday and it seems so friendly and easy to use! Like more so than PS and AI, Im only using the trial package at the moment but might pay out for it soon. 

  7. Joe McCagherty

    Just purchased Sketch3 and looking at your tutorials.  The first thing I notice is that when you open your iOS Design UI Tools they correspond to the mobile size 640×1136.  Mine do not.  They are at 1x (375pt).  Where do I go from here

  8. Imran

    Fantastic series, just what the Sketch users needed!
    I know you have a schedule but my suggestions based on using Sketch are:
    1. How to work with non-vector elements, jpegs etc. I have found the tools to be lack lustre.
    2. A quick mockup of a real world web design, understanding how the grids work with something like bootstrap can difficult to grasp.
    3. How to design for print, if possible? Sketch apparently replaces illustrator but not sure if it can do print designs.

    Keep up the hard work!

  9. Dids

    Loving these tutorials! The included iOS UI Kit is a bit barebones, but googling for "sketch app sources" you'll find a similarly named website with tons of free goodies to play around with. 🙂

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