SIM Card Adapter Tips for iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 and Others

I like to switch often between my devices depending on my daily mood and for testing apps (iPhone and BlackBerry). How can you do this on different phones with Regular, Micro and Nano-sized SIM card slots? A SIM Card Adapter lets you easily use the same SIM card in all your devices. Ask your carrier for the nano SIM (iPhone 5) and use the adapters to convert it for micro and regular SIM sizes when needed. This video shows you how to avoid problems.

Some people have reported breaking their phones using adapters. This video shows how to properly use a SIM Card Adapter. If you do make the mistake of inserting a SIM Card Adapter into your phone without a SIM in it, you need to very carefully push down the gold pins with a needle through the small windows in the SIM slot as you pull on the adapter. You will have to pierce through the thin clear plastic membrane on your SIM adapter (which ruins it) but at least it saves your phone. Push the gold pins in carefully while pulling on the…

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5 Replies to “SIM Card Adapter Tips for iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 and Others”

  1. Alexandr Saidov

    Thanks, DevHackMod Channel.I have same problem with my phones and you help me find solution.I already ordered same adapter from Hong-Kong for my BB and IPhone 5S.I ordered three pieces same time.Maybe will be good for my kids too.Thanks again.

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