Samsung S9 vs iPhone X – 4K Camera Comparison

Here is our quick comparison camera test between the Samsung galaxy S9 vs the apple iPhone X.

Battery Test: Coming Soon!!

More info on the Galaxy S9:

More info on the iPhone X:

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30 Replies to “Samsung S9 vs iPhone X – 4K Camera Comparison”

  1. K M

    What exactly are you suppose to be looking for when it comes down to determining what makes a good photo, because both to be seemed fine when under normal conditions. Sure the S9 colors were more darker? while the X was more white? but they both seemed acceptable.

  2. Radu Verdes

    Samsung =shitty unrealistic colors and hues, overexposed and/or fake HDR. Better(overprocessed) dynamic range don't compensate for these things. In complete (idiot approaching) darkness, Samsung reach more light with wrong colors.
    Iphone = not perfect but more true to life, more natural, more organic overall . Way smaller sensor and smaller aperture but better than Samsung.

  3. SuperDan

    I have always liked the Higher color saturation on Samsung Phones…… Just makes things look better. The -Phone camera is still good quality, but the colors are dull

  4. Andrew Russell

    Just viewing on my phone I’m having a hard time deciphering if the S9 has better low light and color, or is following Samsung’s trademark over saturation. The X looks more neutral, closer to Log, than the S9. His can be a turn off for most people but a good thing for those wanting to color grade in post.

  5. Super Arranged

    Worst display screen iphoneX in all features and design because of Notch and all people hate it .We need and wish Triple or quadruple camera lens for new mobile and really need finger print back and Really Super Big AMOLED 4K UHD display screen , solar energy power battery for next iphone

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