Samsung One UI on Galaxy Note 9 (Android 9.0 Pie) – After 1 Month

I have been using the Samsung One Ui on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for over a month and want to share what I like about the Samsung One ui and what I wish was slightly different.

Even though we are using a Note 9 in this video, this video also applies to Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

So let’s dive in.

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37 Replies to “Samsung One UI on Galaxy Note 9 (Android 9.0 Pie) – After 1 Month”

  1. Barry Shulman

    Everybody are freaking out with Samsung who wanted to do test and change the note 9 for the worst .ui pie sucks. I might have to go back to the note 8 .Samsung ruined the note 9 ui pie is a gaf .

  2. Barry Shulman

    Sakitech below I left a long comment. I see the comments already with people with the note 9 because the note 9 was done great .They had no right changing this ui pie ruined my note 9 thier are so many defaults. Even texting with a picture is a problem .I wish I stuck with my note 8 .Big deal the note 8 a pen doesn't take pictures I can live with that . I looked underneath the comments people's comments already thier all mixed up . I was right. My note 9 with ui pie ruined the volume as high as go I cannot hardly hear even if I turn on the stereo speakers. My note 9 is ruined and the comments I already see below people are all mixed up with a useless ui pie which ruined my note 9 . The note 9 is not a cheap device.

  3. Barry Shulman

    Ui pie is useless and the volume if you put higher you barely here .ui pie is useless app and ruined the note 9 .Texting is a no brainer until this useless ui pie ruined the note 9 . The volume all the way up you can hardly hear the videos or whatever. Texting is a problem with useless ui pie ruined the note 9 I cannot hardly hear ui pie ruined alot of things. I will have to go back to the note 8 which only one thing big deal the s pen doesn't take pictures. Ui pie ruined the note 9 sakitech your not that good. What you're showing is ridiculous. Alot of people in the USA are not Going to like this stupid ui pie . I have my volume high I know everything. The original way when the note 9 came out this past August of 2018 was great .I should have stuck to the note 8 and this ui pie sucks .it's causing alot of problems . Ui pie ruined my note 9 .what you are showing sakitech back to the original way that's what it was made for. Even texting Is problem which when I started off with the galaxies 4 5 and then the note 2 then the note 4 and should have kept the note 8 .This ui pie ruined the note 9 and I'm right. Just to text a friend with a picture is a no brainer for yrs .Now the ui pie sucks .The note 9 was made very great until the ui pie whoever the developer is I would like to give him a piece of my mind.

  4. curt2g1998

    I still don't have or even want it. The my Note 8 and Note 9 currently does multitasking, is much better. The way split screen was implemented on Oreo, is much better than it is on One UI.

  5. TwinerJack

    Saki can you check, two apps multitasking in horizontal mode, is the navigation bar possible to hide? (in Samsung Experience in vertical mode you can do that by double tapping small dot on the most-left side)

  6. Mike Solomon

    Good Lord! Y'all can update to pie, and just use apps to address most of the issues you don't like. I applied a black theme to the stock UI, switched to Microsoft Launcher to customize and use a gesture app for better gesture navigation. The update improves the keyboard and gives some great options for battery saving and optimizing. Remember, this us Android… you can tweak the crap out of it!

  7. Mr2pint

    I see no reason to update because you lose good lock features also no more call recording. Call recording for me is absolutely essential for work and private. With good lock and 8.1 I don't see any advantage in updating and fact it's a big step back. For the first time in many years my next phone will probably be a One Plus since they support call recording worldwide.

  8. TiaYang

    The best thing about the new update is the KEYBOARD!!! About time they fix that. Wider and bigger. No more butter finger, no more pressing wrong letters with the smaller keyboard. Samsung finally listened!!

  9. D H

    Samsung one ui is HORRIBLE! Looks like it was designed for preschoolers. If you have small hands and are that concerned about reaching everything with your thumb, GET A SMALL PHONE!

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