Samsung One UI Beta 2 for Galaxy S9/S9+ Overview! [Android 9.0 Pie]

Here’s a quick overview of Samsung One UI Beta 2 for the Galaxy S9/S9+. You can sign up for Samsung One UI on most Galaxy S9/S9+/Note 9 devices or you can also install the Pie Beta ROM on any rooted Exynos model of Galaxy S9/S9+.

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43 Replies to “Samsung One UI Beta 2 for Galaxy S9/S9+ Overview! [Android 9.0 Pie]”

  1. Tyler Hoffman

    Hey Max do you think there will ever be root for US qualcomm s9+? Even something like samfail even? I thought there would be some type of root by now but still nothing! Im debating on switching to tmobile one+6T just so i can get root but i love my samsung galaxies and note phones. I have had root on every other one of my phones and i was thinking by the time i pay my s9+ off there should be a root version available but my phone is now paid off and unlocked and SM-G965U1 firmware flashed but it doesn't even seem like anyone is even close to root method yet for US s9! Just thought i would ask your opinion and advice on what you think is the best plan? Switch or wait a little longer if you think there will eventually be root method sometime soon?

  2. halley jayaprakash

    Well what it matters the most is the camera. Previous beauty modes disappeared and now it's not as good as before. Try to fix it by any mean. We all want that camera app back. Try to make it come back through any update

  3. Craig Holden

    Am not using the rooted rom, just the official download and personally quite like the gesture buttons BUT why have Samsung not moved Samsung Pay swipe to the non Panel selected side they conflict something awful!

  4. WGACA

    Why are you not a fan of Scene Optimizer? I've compared it on and off and makes a difference in a good way, especially at night. Sharper, more detail and much better dynamic range with light sources

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