Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X Camera Shootout

Our camera shootout series on the Samsung Galaxy S9 finally brings it up against the iPhone X in this look at low light shots, AR Emoji, Animoji, and portrait modes. Read more:

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26 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X Camera Shootout”

  1. Alex K

    I feel like the S9 did a better job on objects, scenery, and low light but the iPhone was the clear winner for selfies. Probably because in general iPhone users take a lot more selfies and Android users take more pictures of other stuff.

  2. Davii Mai

    I think that the S9 would be great for capturing scenery and landscape because it can pull out the shadows and all that great stuff
    while the iPhone X would be – | | – people because of the more accurate colors (or so I heard)

  3. rogargaro15

    sorry but i currently use the s9… i had the iphone 8 plus and iphone x too… and the s9 camera is a bit disappointing… s9 low light pics are useful but also much softer than other phones due to such large 1.5 aperture. s9 camera underwhelming at night and overexposed. but quite amazing on daylight. iphone x video capabilities much better than the s9. s9 video is so disappointing. But i bought the s9 mainly because of the amazing screen and amazing sound and great design.

  4. John Huff

    Dude, quit trying to even pretend to be unbiased. Be like the "Apple Sheep" guy and just embrace it. Its OK to have an opinion that is biased. After all the name of your channel is "Android Authority". There is 0% chance that you will ever say that an IOS flagship phone is better than an Android flagship phone. Truth is that they both do great considering the trade offs that must be made to have such a small camera. I could pick either one of them apart especially in low light because neither does particularly well. Most of the differences are down to personal preference in how they process the capture. Love the channel so I will get off of my soap box now and go back to being entertained.

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