Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone | Battery Life is the WORST

In this video we test out the S9’s battery life against an iPhone 8 and then take it out to the road to show you how quickly it drains when the screen and GPS is in constant use.

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11 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone | Battery Life is the WORST”

  1. Vince Del Fabbro

    Could it be the processor? The a-11 bionic processor's ram energy management vs the snapdragon's? Also, the snapdragons' screen is larger too so it uses more energy. My old GS 5 has energy management issues, possibly the OS as well. Just food for thought.

  2. Bernie Butler

    I stopped using my S9 after about 3 months, I just couldn't take constantly charging the phone all day, well at least 3 times a day. It's a shame because I love the screen and sound on the phone but having to constantly charge it is a deal breaker. So I got the Huawei Mate SE, and couldn't be happier with the battery life! I wake up around 8 am and after I get off work at midnight I still have like 40%! Sure the screen resolution on the mate isn't as good as the S9, but I'll gladly sacrifice that over the battery.

  3. Geebus

    Samsung's 50% is brighter than Apple's 50% also Apple's 100% is not always 100 because they use a trick where they leave it like that even when it's not 100%. Then the percentage drops down pretty quickly after that

  4. Tomato Industries Detailing

    I've noticed if I have screen on 100% brightness the battery on s9+ drains quickly. The Amoled display and processing power is too much for the 4000mha battery. I had a 6 hr business phone call that involved some casual browsing with battery starting at 100% and had to put on charger at fifth hour battery was down to 10%. If I turn down brightness and reduce screen resolution from WQHD+ to FHD+ the battery lasts longer but that effectively makes phone no better than s6/s7. I don't think hard core gamers will be happy with battery. I like the phone but they need to develop batteries that can keep up with the new display technology and processing power. I'd rate the battery life of the phone with all the bells and whistles on as a 6.5/10

  5. Sammy_ Rocks

    This review is fake I also have both phone and if you use the phones med to heavy usage the iPhone has consistently die first .However if you buy a $1300 iPhone 10 and don’t use it then yes the stand by time is the best ,the iPhone 10 battery is made for light to no uses user

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