Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Galaxy S10e Speed Test

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This is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Galaxy S10e Speed Test, which phone is faster?

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27 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Galaxy S10e Speed Test”

  1. Gary S

    Yeah I don't like the 10s because of the "hole", 9 been out for a bit, and buying the new 10s bugs may not be worked out yet, I had to order because tmobile didn't have any in the store

  2. C.T. Productions

    S10e has more RAM and double the internal storage so those are two major things to consider.

    How is the screen quality on the S10e vs. the S9? I know the S10e's screen is a downgrade from the standard S10 but how does it compare to the S9?

  3. JJ Cardinal

    Wow, I don't even know what to think about this. S10e is supposed to be better but it's only by a little bit and I think S9 looks better but I'm going to have to look at this phone when I get a chance.

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