Samsung Galaxy S9 plus vs iPhone X, Note 8, Pixel XL 2 and OnePlus 5t Camera Test

Watch our Samsung Galaxy S9 plus vs iPhone x, Note 8, Pixel XL 2 and OnePlus 5t camera test. In this video you see a side by side comparison of all the different high end smartphones put up against the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and you even get to see how a Budget Smartphone compares.

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 plus vs iPhone X, Note 8, Pixel XL 2 and OnePlus 5t Camera Test”

  1. Doly Manullang

    really need samsung s9 mobile phone is m … Because I am often teased because my handpone friends are too ugly and I am also in bully by my friends, because my phone is just smartfren andomax b … and I also if open social the old media can really open the application .. So I want to hp samsung s9 sir .. I beg .. and actually do not have to samsung s9 sir … but if any mobile phone that you love sebenernya I am very happy … the most important create a good school work tasks and hp specifications are adequate and in order to open to open social media and task work is not difficult anymore …. I think the master kind. … I come from Indonesia .. thanks.
    my ig: doly_simanulang

  2. Abhinav Suri

    DCXLIV – I was gonna say the Pixel 2 is gonna remain unbeatable, but that new Huawei phone has some absolutely insane shots coming out on Twitter and Instagram from reviewers. Still pretty impressive what Google did with just a single lens camera.

  3. J Joule Kelvin

    Roman Numerals: DCXLIV = 644 – what are you gonna be taking pictures of most? – All of the above, Are you using the low light mode? – yeah sometimes with IP6 but i will get the worst picture. if i will S9 my first low light will be TRIAL LIGHTS its awesome and it can be easily done in S9

  4. Kenneth Keneri

    DCXLIV – I know that I came late but I think I am deserving to have 5 more entries in the give away because I watch your videos since you have only 1000 subs and I think Im very loyal for you

  5. Ramgick Landicho

    DCXLIV – I would love to havee a brand new phone its been a while since i had a brand in new phone like fresh from the box. Aunties are always giving me their old phone so Everytime i got a new phone its always second hand its kinda sad because some of my friends have their new phone and im the only one who has a old phone but still im greatful for what i have.its better than nothing… I just came across your channel and watched some of your videos and i enjoyed watching them. Keep it up! And Don't stop making quality original content!.. you just earned a new subscriber 🙂

  6. XXDisneyGirleyXX

    DCXLIV – CAMERA TEST VIDEOS ARE MY FAVORITE!!! One of the key elements of choosing a good smartphone now is how well the camera opperates! And this was very unbiased to one particular smartphones performance! Well done!

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