Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X Camera Comparison

Photos and videos from the Galaxy S9+ and the iPhone X in good lighting. Let’s see which of these smartphones has the better set of cameras.

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41 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X Camera Comparison”

  1. Cryptid Hunter

    I wished you people who come online and make you're reviews would learn the importance of audio. -3db would drastically improve your audio. Or use a cheap headset with mic attached it would help

  2. Rushdi Latiff

    Excellent comparison. To be honest, it also depends on who’s using the device and at which situation. Cuz someone who’s an expert will take 100% advantage of a slightly better camera than a person who just wants to click pictures and take videos on a great camera. iPhone’s picture quality was true to life and S9+ is always over saturated. But most of them like it when it’s saturated and ready to post on social media than editing the pictures. But the 3 things which I noticed were, front facing camera, auto focus and the audio quality. Hands down, s9+ was way better.

  3. sec fol

    technically, 1.5 aperture did a great jod..look at the dog back ground..its a good blurr..and samsung has a stereo mic.. no competition there.. many video compariwon iphone x shaky video than s9..

    im waiting for iphone plus 6.4 inchs display..just for gaming..a11 power is useless because iphone x is dual sim, no dual account, no no no no..not a multitasker phone..not a smartphone

  4. MayitoTek

    I found it hard to decide which phone has the better camera.. in some pics one did better compare to the other, which is hard to tell which one takes the overall .One thing I know for sure, The Iphone X has a way better MIC !!😬👌

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