Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Low Light Camera Test at MWC 2018

As you follow along below, check out full-resolution versions of the pictures here:

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26 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Low Light Camera Test at MWC 2018”

  1. Enea Gjordeni

    Don't put a plastic, uncolored case on your Galaxy s9+ when u take night photos with flash! It just mess up the lighting condition of the background. I've tried same spots with and without my case and it was a huge difference!
    Does anyone has experienced the same problem in here?

  2. Dotty Gevers

    My low light Micro shots are crappy, even I pro mode of various iso & apt settings. Exposure and clarity suck in some of the depths. My Google Pixel 2 was way better @ this. Even its auto setting would auto adjust exposure as you moved or tilted around light sources, and So it picks up lights, colors faces, dry ice effects in concerts almost as clear as a DSLR… & auto reduces noise so pics are perfectly clear.

    I would only recommend this camera phone as someone who blogs close up things all the time or does a lot of selfies.

    I hate the way this camera does landscapes and indoor concerts.

  3. Jacob Labruyere

    I'm a first time Samsung owner. S9+ and so far I love it. While she did a terrible job at presenting the csmera, I'm highly impressed with the camera myself. In low light, the camera has been great. I haven't got to use it extensively yet but so far I approve 🤙

  4. yamahaevo

    This is sad, she don't know what she is talking about, why don't you give her a better script she can read from? There is several this she say that is hilarious and wrong… anyone who knows just a bit about photography/cameras knows what im talking about.

  5. Ali Bashir

    The camera performance is terrible but Samsung fanboys are the worst i have ever seen, i remember when they kept bragging and say that the note 7 is the best even when it was blasting in the people pockets or their houses and cars.

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