Samsung Galaxy S9 Benchmark Test & Note 8 Comparison – YouTube Tech Guy

We go over the Samsung Galaxy S9 Benchmark Test & Compare it to the Galaxy Note 8. We tested this week Geekbench and Antutu

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31 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Benchmark Test & Note 8 Comparison – YouTube Tech Guy”

  1. Alex is Awesome

    Just so everyone knows, benchmark scores are really misleading. You can see videos online of people running the same games side by side on a snap dragon 835 from last year and the current Exynos and the snapdragon version destroys it.

  2. mikldude

    i dont mind looking at speed test scores and while it is interesting , i do not however base my phone buying on speed tests , if i did i would not still be using my note 4 for a lot of the time .

  3. Derek Drummond

    My Exynos S8 scores 2012 sc and 6685 mc so the Sd is defo a piece of shit. Benchmarks are great for bragging but real world performance is what matters. The latest phones are all fast. I don't give a shit if an Iphone , oneplus or pixel opens an app 0.2 seconds faster or slower than my S8 because I don't race people opening apps.

  4. Janski Tech

    Yeah this shows that last year s8 iterations were nothing but over hype. Simply the exynos 9 of last year or better 2nd generation exynos 8 was nothing but crap. Thank you Sammy for fooling us with your marketing propaganda.

  5. Abdurrahman Alchoughri

    you know, if samsung used the exynos world wide, they wouldn't have to underpower it
    when it isn't underpowered, the Exynos 9810 is a beast
    it can reach multi core scores of 9550 and single core scores of 4000
    heck, it can even do 4k @ 120 fps
    Qualcomm is holding samsung back
    I'm sure when the deals between samsung and qualcomm are over, Samsung WILL leave every other mobile processor in the dust

  6. Awaks

    Ricky……'ll have to redo this with the retail model, cuz a Sammy spokesman has mentioned about how the pre-production models are running slightly unoptimized software for the most part(unsurprisingly)….from my observation, Antutu and Geekbench seem the least affected(some other tests suffer from the slowdown/cap put on them) by this, but I'm sure m you'll get just slightly higher scores on a retail Exynos model.

    Straight from Anandtech incase you need sauce '~'

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