Samsung Galaxy S9 Ultra Dark Mode. Get Dark Instagram, Dark WhatsApp, YouTube & More on any Android phone. Ultra dark mode for Samsung & Android! 8.0 Oreo.

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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 – ACTIVATE ULTRA DARK MODE!”

  1. Dede Karamehmet


  2. riley busse

    seems like too much work just for everything to be dark iphone already have a built in setting called smart invert wich is what this stuff is without having to download a crap ton of apps and it turns everything dark when is Samsung going to add the option into their settings to have a dark mode so you don't have to download a crap ton of apps probably never

  3. adriaan van harrick

    Oh, how the sheeple and the sheeple media have told themselves they LOVE night mode – and, as always, without spending so much as one single thought on it. Let me tell you, I HATE night mode, especially the ultra and extra-dark type, and especially on Samsung devices. Be cause of what happens, every time, and mostly without a discernable cause, as is the way we are used to things happening, ESPECIALLY on Samsung devices? During your sunny day, or during any daylight hour, or during any circumstance that even remotely involves any light coming from outside your phone at all, without any apparent reason, your Samsung device from time to time, suddenly and without warning, will switch to that nearly-total-dark mode. And THEN you suddenly find, that you no longer have any control over your device whatsoever.. be cause: you NO LONGER CAN SEE ANY THING AT ALL ON YOUR SCREEN. And so, you cannot even switch off that dreaded super dark night mode you all have taught each other to get so horny about any more. Now, it suddenly does not look so good any more. Now it is time to panic. Granted, not all devices are Samsung devices, and not all devices are as whimsical, unreliable and ununderstandable. Maybe. But still I say, night mode? Fine. But only if it gets accompanied by a few intelligent, user-definable settings to curb the risk it poses to our health. Some intelligent settings to ensure it will not switch off your phone's screen under unsuitable conditions and not without a way back (a restart will not solve a problematic, dimmed all way down screen as things stand).

  4. dip

    i baught The 2 apps and got the free app and I did everything in the video. it didnt work. is it because i use android oreo 8.1.0 and the august security patch?

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