Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S7: Worth the Upgrade?

Putting up the new released Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S7 – is it worth upgrading to? Review and hands on coming soon!

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The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the latest flagships from Samsung. They feature a beautiful, almost bezeless infinity display along with some improved features like the 5MP front-facing camera, iris scanner, and their new assistant, Bixby.


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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S7: Worth the Upgrade?”

  1. Lydia Farjado

    I have a galaxy android s7 cell. When the cell update it updated to s8. Now I find my battery runs out fast. Where Before I went a day with charge left. Would a s8 galaxy android battery fit into a s7 galaxy android phone. Or is it the same.

  2. Ms Entrepreneur

    Had an s5 and bought an s8 but I really don't like it 😕.
    I hate that theres no menu button and you have to bring it up in the screen . When i do have it up on the screen it impedes me from sending WhatsApp voice notes. The phone is also too narrow and feels smaller than my s5 . Sometimes certain web pages don't show fully on the screen , a problem i don't recall having with my s5. Battery life is rubbish too … Think ill sell it!

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