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Galaxy S8 and S8+ Skins:
Samsung has been making noise about acquiring Harmon, the company which owns AKG and Harmon Kardon. Has any of this audio prowess made it into Samsung’s newest phone? Let’s take a listen to the Galaxy S8!

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 Real Audio Review: Better, but not the headphone champ | Pocketnow”

  1. Steve Humphries

    Who listens to music with just a 1 or 2 tiny phone speakers. I always use headphones or I plug it into 5.1 Klipsch Sound System at home. A tiny phone uses less power then High power desktop! At any rate … my main issue with the S8 is if I haven't rebooted the phone for a while … it is must do to listen to my mp3's files or the music stutters like crazy … very annoying. Every Samsung I have owned I had to to do this. This is where the iPhone is ahead compared to Samsung … Samsung can you not fix this???


    I just got the s8 and gotta say my s5 sounded much better. While playing through the phones speaker, every acoustic kick played on the s8 sounds like it came from roland 808 drum machine for some reason. Audio out the headphone jack creates a wider stereo image and different eq with more hi end. Even with all the eq settings flat

  3. Florian Hunger

    Liebes Pocketnow Team könntet ihr die ganze Messungen auch mal bei dem neuen Sony Xz 2 machen?

    Mich interessiert, ob die Soundqualität aufgrund des Klinken-Adapters sehr viel schlechter ist, als wenn man die klinke eingebaut hat.

    Liebe Grüße

  4. yannick930

    Really nice video @Juan ! do you know if the Europeen (exynos) version has the same dac ?
    and will the Fiio K1 make a difference ? or can you advise any good portable amp ?
    Thanks !

    I have a galaxy s8 (exynos) and a Denon Urban Raver AH-D400 ( 60 ohm, 115dB/mW, Maximum power input – 1300mW, Frequency response – 5 – 37,000Hz ) and a ONKYO H500BT (F. R. 7Hz – 40kHz with cable, 16 ohm, 116dB/mW )

  5. 1gbayfisher

    regrettably i have this phone and i must say it is a piece of crap, I hate samsung, camera controls are hideous, and the call quality in either speaker, hand held, or even ear buds is terrible. Disappointing to say the least, but even more surprising is how many people like it, its actually alarming…..

  6. Hellsing

    You really have come a long way! Still remember your G4 camera reviews when they came out.
    Glad you are still offering the best and most in depth reviews for power users like us.

  7. Amir Abdullah

    The S8+ is a dope phone, but as far as audio is concerned I’m still sold on the V30. But users who are still rocking the V20 still got a major boss audio option. I kinda jumped the gun on the V30 but it’s cool because I can use the V20 at work and not miss much.

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