Samsung Galaxy Note8 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note8 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium Camera Comparison

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38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note8 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium Camera Comparison”

  1. iulian iulian

    i have xperia z5 compact. i am taking better shots with my xperia comparising with your presentation of xz premium. …. the hell? you are in manual mode with no brightness and low iso.
    not fair.

  2. kevin martin

    I had xz premium and my friend had note 8. Comparing both captured imges, xz premium more on natural color means what you see is what you get which is awsome and realistic. On the other hand, note 8 has more saturated which is great but not capture the true color.

  3. Samson Okoro

    Very poor review, very biased without pointing out which phone actually takes the scene the way it is i.e natural. Very poor comparison, he basically just points out what he prefers in pictures.

  4. MrPopular22

    Whats up with all the Asian trolls on every video about a Sony mobile? "Sony still the best", "you don`t know how to use a Sony"….same phrases under every single video. Have you idiots ever even owned this phone? The camera is NOT as good as other flagships, and this video shows exactly why. The XZ premium crushes shadows, the HDR mode is useless and detail smearing is all over the place especially when taking landscape photos of nature (fine leaves, grass, etc.).Oh, and low light pics become waterpaintings even at low iso.

  5. kapil busawah

    The Note 8 produces more appealing photos whereas the XZP is more natural. I get natural isn't as sexy as bright and vibrant but I do prefer a more natural tone in general.

    BTW how could you not talk about the best feature on the XZP, the slo mo?

  6. Zwinter Anderson

    Breh, what do you get from regurgitating 'Samsung is the best phone company and no other phone company can compare to it'?

    You're horribly misrepresentating the camera quality of the Sony :/ just to add to your bias for Samsung

  7. deadworms

    on macro shots, XZ premium having trouble focusing the subject? XZ premium has a wider angle lens hence having a wider field of view! Therefore it has a longer minimum focusing distance than the note 8!!

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