Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Change These 10 Settings Now

Change these 10 Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and make you phone more awesome. Note 9 is full of deep and rich features and in these video I will share some tips and tricks to make your experience even better.

Let’s dive in.

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47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Change These 10 Settings Now”

  1. Rolanne Bouchard

    This is going to sound lame but I liked that on my iPhone when texting it auto filled or gave me an emoji option for emotions and now I have to go looking for the right ones. Is there a way to do that??

  2. D. R. Hamman

    You can change the color that the S Pen writes in such as:Dark Red,Orange,Dark Blue,Light Blue,Light Green,Light Red, Turqouise , Yellow dark or Light,White or Black. Also, you can change the writing width…such as pencil or paint brush or crayon, and etc. You can also change the transparency of the colors, you write in…From can't see it at all to very dark… in what ever color your using. And you can Set the S- Pen to do Certain things by just saying certain Code Words, to Bixsby. By the way one YouTube Video claimed that Buxsby would do for you whatever you could do your self. You just had to tell her, But You must Train her to understand your voice. I have changed the different colors the S-Pen Writes in and the width and transparency. I haven't tried the others yet, butvworking on it. Enjoy your N9!!!

  3. Krista Smith

    The one complaint I have about Samsung phones is their key board. The limited options for changing the way it looks, not being able to split the keyboards in landscape and even the autocorrect is limited. Now, there are a ton of other options in the playstore so that's nice. But I have yet to find one that talks to the spen and allows the handwriting option that is included in the samsung keyboard. Do you know of any?

  4. Jason Dranoff

    Does anyone else's note 9 get very warm under normal use? My Note if I'm surfing the web on YouTube checking emails gets hotter than any other Galaxy I've ever had. Curious if it's just mine or are other people experiencing this? Thanks!

  5. Baz Rezk

    Thanks for your tips but I have a question about the option of find me devise / the location settings , if I turn on the option Google location service it will automatically turn on the location of the device and this will drain the battery even the battery of N9 is bigger.any advice ?

  6. R l

    The Note 9 you recommended is the best phone I have ever had. Got the 512 G one. Yes expensive but…..worth it. Like a computer it dies so much.

  7. Jim Metheny

    I just got to say man keeping your keys and your phone in the same pocket is something my wife would do. Cringe-worthy. she doesn't care though so that's her excuse… what's yours?

    Wallet and phone in one pocket, keys and change in the other.

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