Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 Advanced TIPS & TRICKS, Hidden Features! (Ep1/4) 🔥🔥

Gadgets Portal presents Top GALAXY NOTE9 Tips & Tricks, Best Features & Gestures! #01/04

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the smartest smartphone in the planet. It’s the ‘Perfect Phone’ with everything perfectly placed, both the Hardware and the Software. To get the best out of Note 9, you need to be aware of the great innovative software features of Samsung, otherwise it’s just another Android Phone! I tried my best…

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32 Replies to “Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 Advanced TIPS & TRICKS, Hidden Features! (Ep1/4) 🔥🔥”

  1. Anton Thrush

    hey mate… action memo is fully embedded now… write phone number then save it.. now hover over in Samsung notes and a little icon pops up to direct call… same with websites etc..

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