Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium – Speed Test!

Can 6 month old Sony Xperia XZ Premium keep up with NEW Samsung Galaxy Note 8?
XZ Premium wont break the bank on Amazon! US –

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium – Speed Test!”

  1. RandomUser221

    Even if it's not Sony, wtf Samsung. Like seriously with so much RAM it should be smooth as butter… Like seriously same shit on S9+, and in EU we have the meh Exynox version… Fucking Laggsung… For so much money even the lel category of Xiaomi Mi A2 preforms better… Fuck the gorgeous screen if I can't get a decent day to day performance.
    Also Samsung can fuck themselves with their bloatware.

  2. Enver Ismajli

    the type of galaxy handset is weaker than the Sony company
    is not too close to viruses and Sony is much more confined to viral causes etc. etc. etc.
    Sony is supported all over the world so do not take it off because it's a very stable phone

  3. gain 14

    Ram doesn't matter. My mother's phone was huawai and it had 4gb of ram but I knew it was weaker than my old sumsung tablet which had 3gb of ram, my father asked me if we wanna switch because of tablet had a bigger resolution and I did a bit research. I found out the xz premium was stronger so I decided to switch but my dad bought a new huawai nova 3. God dammit Dad.

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