Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X! Battle Of The Bezels

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Actually Very Similar To The iPhone X! How They Compare & With Design, Features & Usability.

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Note 8 vs iPhone 7+ Speed Test:

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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X! Battle Of The Bezels”

  1. HypedBreakdancing Dragon

    You do realise that it's the Samsung NOTE 8 competing with the iPhone 10. 8 and 10 are very different. Why don't you start comparing iPhone to Samsung when the Samsung 10 comes out. Why don't you just compare the iPhone 8 to the Samsung note 8. They're both the 8th model of each company?

  2. Blackdani

    Man, although you tried hard to prove that the iphone x is a good. You failed.
    Samsung remains the best phone label and the galaxy note 8 is the best in terms of design and performance.

  3. Abdullah Atiq

    You say iPhone take a step ahead in bezeless display still iPhone X has 82.9% screen to body ratio and note 8 has 83.2% well its evident then that note 8 clear winner in bezeless display

  4. ECW Transportation Inc

    note has face recognition so what step further are you talking about! and just because your apple fan does mean the finger scanning is in inconvenient spot! plus if your comparing two good phones you can't just insult one of them. like your doing galaxy.

  5. One Eye

    I know that his channel name is EverythingApplePro but it literally seems that he says everything wrong with the Note and the things better with the iPhone. Before anyone comes at me, I'm completely neutral on the whole smartphone thing.

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