Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Video Camera Review AND How To Get The Best Footage Out of It

I go over the video camera features, modes, and settings, and how I set everything to get the best footage possible out of the Note 8.

**I discovered AFTER I did this video that you can use the stylus to change the settings while underwater, very handy!

My Rode VideoMicro Review:

Gear I used to make this video:
Galaxy Note 8:…

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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Video Camera Review AND How To Get The Best Footage Out of It”

  1. Raj Mir

    Hey Brent, I found your channel a year ago when I bought my Note 8 and watched this video for Note 8 Camera review, and today I'm watching your video for 5th time in a year and now I can understand every term you are saying in this video, Thanks for this detailed video…. I'm still a beginner and in the process of learning, Now I've a question… about continuous focus, single focus and manual focus, I wanted to know that does mobile cameras has these focus mode, If yes how to use it in continuous focus mode cause i found that mobile has single focus and manual focus??And whenever i used auto-focus and if subject is moving or I'm moving it hunting for focus, is there any way to overcome with this in mobile cameras as in DSLR?? I watched one of the Peter McKinnon's (Camera Basics 2 – video and he talked about this focus feature. I'm using note 8 in manual mode. Any help would be appreciated…

  2. FAMILYFUN2000

    Can you do a video showing best setup, on note 8, for shooting video inside a store with lights. Also if you do this please make sure and record yourself adjusting the phone settings for this, so I can follow your instructions. I have always used whatever the phone was set to out of the box, but now I want to play with the features and get better video, if possible 🙂

  3. Gus Sanz

    Need some help, recorded in 4k with note 8, downgrade to 1080p in Adobe Premier, used the warp stabilizer affect, nested it, rendered it, and still get an alert to nest it. Can't figure it out!! Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Christopher Durbin

    Hey, great video! I notice you have an external mic connected. I'm using a VideoMic Pro and since there are no audio levels I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to add the +20dB gain (I don't want my audio to clip). What setting would you recommend? Does the phone use auto gain control? If so, does it a higher dB before it hits the phone help? Thanks!

  5. Friedrich Wordsworth

    I'm trying to create a short film using my Note 8. Would you recommend shooting in UHD and changing the fps in post, or should I just shoot in FHD?

    Thanks again, I'm replaying your videos a lot to learn as much as I can.

  6. banginpadr

    i just did a pro of a concept video today using my note 8. i just have a problem using my phone for this. when i try to work on it on premier pro the video look like a instagram story can you tell us how to edit after making a vid?thanks

  7. Mr2pint

    Well done – do you use the Note over your much more capable professional cameras for video and photos ? Or is this just for fun to show us what it can do..

  8. Thru Trials

    Very helpful Brent, thank you! One thing I notice is that after I change my settings in Pro mode and then start to record it does not seem to record video with those settings…only takes pictures with those settings. Is there something that needs to be activated in order to use these Pro settings (i.e. Tone 1) in video?

  9. Nitin Jain

    Good video … learn new things abt photography & videography

    Can u give the details abt range of ISO, WB, EXPOSER, SHUTTER SPEED, etc on note 8 …

    Eg. Lg v30 has ISO range of 50 to 3200 …

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