Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Should You Buy It After The Recall

Should you still upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 even after a massive recall? Even with the Apple iPhone 7 on the horizon should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? I explain my thoughts and opinions in detail with this video, so you guys know what to do if you like it!

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30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Should You Buy It After The Recall”

  1. Mike M

    Nope, 2nd recall is happening now. And Samsung has officially stopped selling the note 7 and stopped note 7 productions and they will not be reselling the note 7 from now on. even the replacement note 7's are also exploding. best to stay away from samsung products from now on. They don't properly test their products. They only care about making their quick buck and have been skipping product testing so they can quickly ship out products to try to make their quick buck faster.

  2. blacksheep shepherd

    I am using the note7 safe model. I have the previous supposedly unsafe model. but in fact both units that I've, never felt hot during a full charge cycle.. I had been using iPhone 4S and 6 Plus models.. but really it's getting way too stagnant in the design department of Apple. So I thought a switch might be good, and YES, the note7 does have a good overall user experience than my iPhones. Will be looking out at Pixel XL too, when it hits the market.

  3. David Rudolph

    great video but disagree about the difference from s7 edge ( I have one), the symmetrical curved display is so much better, I have not picked up my 7edge once in 2 weeks now and I'm still paying for it and its active. The Note7 is just that much better in you're hand.
    Black Onyx Sprint varient..

  4. ThorZ

    Well, if the latest reports are proved to be true and some of the replaced units are exploding, then Samsung has really fucked this whole thing up this time.

  5. Sam Boris

    #RAXX425; I would still get note 7 after the recall is cleared; I like your video; it was fair to both Note 7 and iPhone 7. You didn't trash any of the phones in any way shape or form and that shows you're a very reasonable guy.

  6. Nilos

    I'll be honest, i don't use the IR sensor as much as others do. And removable battery, well, only if the phone gets hot. Remove it, cool it off and slot back in. I'll take IP68 water resistance and a type C port over an IR blaster and removable back. I hear it will be available around 21st October.

  7. Indrid Cold

    My note 4 has Infra red blaster, which is very helpful at work for reading or codes from medical equipment and programming it. It also has a removable battery. I always have one charging and simply trade out the battery when I need to. It also supports any SIM card. Why would I give up a superior Note 4 for an inferior Note 7? I would be giving up a lot of versatility by going from 4 to 7.

  8. Henry H.L Chong

    From the Engineer point of view, I will still go for Note7. The problem is from the battery not the main mother board or charging circuit board. This guys are Korean. I still remember they manufacture the first "Hyundai" car in the early 80' in US; lot of problems with the car. Look at the 'Hyundai" car sales today.

  9. Markiss Johnson

    Does anyone know weather or not it's just the America issued model? Or is it happening to the European and Asia issued model as well? As far as I know the America issued model is the only one with the Snapdragon processor built in. From my personal experience the phone with the Snapdragon CPU built in are always over heating especially when charging

  10. Konalavajava

    Samsung may be giving as an invaluable lesson here.Here is just more evidence proving that having replaceable batteries is a far better way to go. You can not only replace bad or defective batteries very easily, but you can keep an eye on the batteries that you use in the phone and if they start to swell up or look funny you can dump them and get new ones. Having an explosive device (lithium ion battery) in any device, phone or otherwise, is literally a bomb waiting to go off under the right circumstances

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