Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 vs Galaxy S8 – Speed Test!

This years mid-range Galaxy A6 2018 vs last years flagship Galaxy S8 – Which is Fastest?
S8 is much cheaper nowadays on Amazon! US:
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47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 vs Galaxy S8 – Speed Test!”

  1. Dylan Richards

    I had an A6 for a couple of days, before changing my mind and returning it. The phone wasn't bad or anything. In fact, I really enjoyed the build. Very much akin to my previous phone (HTC One S), and in that regard I definitely prefer it over the S8. But, for only £7/mo extra, I can get the S8 with the better chipset and cameras. If you're on EE with a 20% loyalty discount, you can get the special offer that's currently on, which is the S8 and 20 GiB data for £30.40/mo (£38/mo before discount). The offer ends in 7 days.

  2. Buzzin Boi

    I'm getting an a6 today. Tbh u like that they make lots of phones because there's always a phone for your budget, my phone broke out of nowhere and I needed a phone asap but I still wanted a Samsung and there were lots in my price range and even below

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