Samsung DeX Review: Galaxy S8 Super Computer?!

Samsung Galaxy S8 DEX Dock Station Review! Turn the Galaxy S8 into a computer! DeX Station from Samsung. Is Dex worth $150? We’ll see how useful this Galaxy S8 computer is in my review! ▶Check out ShadeTree Sunglasses: (Use Promo Code: SPRINGFLING for free socks!)

This video was sponsored by Shadetree Sunglasses!

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35 Replies to “Samsung DeX Review: Galaxy S8 Super Computer?!”

  1. Oliver Pagan

    Are we able to play games that require adobe flash? Because my Note 8 says I need to install adobe flash on my phone to play, and I'm debating on whether or not I should get this

  2. Ondrej Slezak

    Unless they release some update it is not really a functional device. The worst is that you have to remove it from your protective case everytime you want to slide it in, they should have made the USB port type c longer

  3. zodiacfml

    Pricey dock. I guess we'll have to skip this one. A better product would be a wireless charger with Wi-Fi ad. We are at at stage that this becomes useful as the latest ARM SoC are powerful and beats any PC netbook easily and the availability and quality of apps are amazing. I wish they could enable this without the dock by using those TYPE-C hubs

  4. Ben Roberts

    DeX is so cool! Who would've thought Samsung could turn Android into a desktop-worthy experience that isn't just a shoehorned mobile interface like Windows 8 was? The concept of a smartphone plugging into a dock to connect to a bigger screen sounds almost exactly like the Nintendo Switch's adaptability mechanic, only inverted a little. If only DeX worked with the S7 as well; then maybe my dad'll be convinced to try it out. (Anyone remember when Dell tried to do a similar thing with their Axim X51v Pocket PC?)

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