Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max DROP Test! Durability Pro?

The Sleek Google Pixel 3 XL Drop Test vs iPhone XS Max! Durability Ranked! Gorilla Glass 5 vs Worlds Strongest Glass From 3, 5 & 8 Feet!

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Pixel 3 XL Speed Test:

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21 Replies to “Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max DROP Test! Durability Pro?”

  1. Taurtuga M Synth

    My biggest problem with the test is that the Iphone threw tiny glass particles everywhere that: if another phone would land on it would highly increase the chance of it breaking, especially since the glass is probably even harder than the ground. that would be like putting tiny really hard pebbles on the ground and expecting it not to break. (Shoulda swept in between tests)

  2. qgifdoh vdnsig

    I’ve had it about a month now and am loving every minute of it!! People are just to picky anymore and don’t know how to properly use a phone.>>>ur2.pl/1256 The Face ID is lightening fast and so is the processor. Screen is amazingly bright and vibrant as well. Camera is awesome as well! The design is Very sleek!

  3. Tom Downs

    I bought a brand new pixel 3 XL and it fell out of my pants pocket from about 60cm to the ground completely destroying the right corner of the screen. I am absolutely furious. A $1,000 phone should be able to withstand some sort of drop, my pixel 1 was very durable. I now have to fork out $3-500 to get the screen fixed. And that's if I can find a place that will repair it.

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