Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone 8 Plus speaker comparison

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How does the iPhone 8 Plus speaker stack up against the Google Pixel XL 2? Two stereo speakers duke it out. Both flagships in their respective operating system camp, the Pixel XL2 packs an 18:9 screen, potentially leaving less room for the speakers to pop. As for the iPhone – it’s a less conventional set-up with on front, one bottom firing loudspeaker. Check out our vs video to see how these two phones stack up and fire any questions in the comments section below.

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40 Replies to “Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone 8 Plus speaker comparison”

  1. incendie21

    2 things apple has over the competitors are cameras and speaker. Even with lower resolution cameras, the iphone pictures look clearer than my samsung. Sound not even comparable to iphone.

    The only thing I hate about iphones is the restrictive operating system.

  2. AlexVeramuse

    iPhone isn't louder, thats true. But it's audio processor is better. It covers a broader range of frequencies than the pixel. So even though it may sound more pitchy, it has more body and low end. The pixel has a smooth amplitude but is very mid range focused. Measuring dB is just measuring how loud it gets and how much sound pressure it is able to pump out. But because the iPhone has a better EQ range, it appears to sound louder. Both sound much better than any Samsung though. They both handle the high end much better.

  3. Synixx

    Sounds like they've tuned the iPhone speakers for speech so that it can be heard clearly even with lower amplification. The rest of the spectrum is subdued in comparison. I prefer the pixel 2.

  4. NightOrchid

    Interesting Video…I realise these werent perfect conditions but was the same compression used on both phones.. MP3 can sound harsh and tinney, whereas flac and AAC lossless have a rounder, fuller sound…

  5. Rhett Krecic

    It’s not really valid to test the quality of them at max volumes. The volume levels should be closely matched in order get accurate results. I really can’t get over the fact that the iPhone 8 uses the earpiece as a speaker. That will not provide an accurate stereo image. I have since set it to mono as the earpiece seams to act like a tweeter. It sounds pretty impressive.

  6. djlobb

    Pitchy? I think the word you're looking for is "shrill", "harsh" or "bright"? Pitchy would imply that someone isn't a very good singer and isn't hitting the right notes lol 😛

  7. Johan Mursu

    I just wanna add that the disparity in the dba readings vs perceived loudness might have something to do with the iPhone's bottomfiring speaker.
    I notice on my Oneplus 3T that if the phone is laying on a table it sounds louder and abit different compared to holding it in my hand. Probably because the sound reflects off of the tables surface.
    If you would've lifted the iPhone up, it would've sounded quite different 🙂

  8. chillgreg

    Been waiting for this test. Unfortunately #fail due to upright phones. These are STEREO speakers dude!!! Phones should be horizontal, ie this comparison favoured iPhone's bottom firing speaker. Also how about some movie sound? Disappointed.

  9. Chris Tsang

    I noticed that one song the iphone sounds much better than the pixel while the sound from the pixel is not bad.
    But most of the music the iphone sounds noisy! So I prefer the pixel sound.

  10. w35t51d369

    They are both loud….my old iPhone 6 is louder than the Samsung galaxy range, Samsung needs to up their game, happy with my iphone 7 speakers in the battery case, makes it sound so much better.

  11. Tonemack

    Good test tho I think the sound coming from the bottom firing speaker of the iPhone is bouncing off your desk which is ever so slightly amplifying it. Maybe try this test again with the iPhone being held somehow in landscape mode. I also know that the smaller Pixel 2 speakers are a little louder and fuller than the 2XL.

  12. Jon Parkins

    Just a few comments from someone that watches alot of reviews.

    The test material is not equal.
    The Pixel 2 XL has over 20% battery (which means it wont hold back) but the iPhone has 12% (which means it might hold back using so much power on the speakers).
    Also using the audio switch doesn't help as it reduced the volume on the currently playing device by about 25% each time it seems.
    You also need to be holding the V30 up to the camera (or place it on the table) at all times.

    If you think the above comments make me sound "pro-apple" you'd be wrong, as I have already ordered my black Pixel 2 XL – I just wanted to comment on the test not being fair for either side.

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