Pixar and Khan Academy joining hands to teach the arts of storytelling

Pixar and Khan Academy joining hands to teach the arts of storytelling

Pixar the famous animation studio has teamed up with Khan Academy, through which the studio will provide free lessons on animation to curious minds. Some of the best and electrifying animations like Toy Story 2, Wall-E and UP were given life by Pixar. They are now fully prepared to teach the arts of storytelling through Khan Academy, which is also the world’s first online platform for free education.

Pixar in a Box…

Both the entities are currently developing the third episode of the season “Pixar in a Box,” starring Pete Docter the director of UP and Inside Out. Moreover, the episode will also include interviews from Mark Andrews and Sanjay Patel, the directors of Brave and Ratatouille respectively.



The first tutorial has been revealed that gives a brief idea about how to tell a story, including ways of developing an appropriate setting and character(s).

Contents of the tutorials

Tutorials contain videos as well as instructions for students regarding what they ought to carry out after watching. Furthermore, its upcoming episodes will be primarily focusing on ways of developing a Character. Further stories will cover other crucial ingredients for storytelling.


Big Think

Previous educational videos of Pixar through Khan Academy were mainly about various technical sides such as virtual cameras and animations. Only this time, Pixar decided to preach on how to sit down with a pen and a paper for coming up with outstanding stories for captivating minds.

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