OnePlus Two VS Moto X Play – Speed Test!

OnePlus Two speed test comparison against Moto X Play, which is Fastest?
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46 Replies to “OnePlus Two VS Moto X Play – Speed Test!”

  1. Ajay Sharma

    nice comparison between the two devices. Yes i could see some places where there was gap in starting the apps….but the huge time difference in loading MK10 clarified all the things. Obviously because of a higher RAM oneplus 2 was able to keep more apps in cache/RAM making it look faster while running the app for the second time and that is useful, but to optimize the performance generally people keeps cleaning the RAM in their device using any app or inbuilt RAM cleaning function. So i guess in real time scenarios we wont be able to get much benefit of such a huge memory of the phone. Also Moto X play beat oneplus in boot which actually shows the power of this device. It seems oneplus might have better specs but a totally non optimized OS causing such lags in performance. Hope they are able to optimize it later as this device is expected to be a beast with these specs.

  2. Plasm Studios

    This is a totally unfair comparison. Not only because of the specs, but also because you were inefficient when it comes to comparing to devices. You tapped some apps quicker than the other, you pre-loaded the verge on the one plus one, then obviously it is going to load faster than the Moto Play.

  3. eboyblackout

    Dude you need to be sure of what you plan to do in a comparison, the apps you tried to open were very random…. frankly this was the first time I watched your video, never gonna watch it again… sad stuff buddy

  4. Lo

    Well Motorola has a great team to optimize the android OS for the Moto X. If the One Plus 2 had motorola developers to create their OS they would blow them out the water. The paranoid group that they hired just can't optimize the OS for the specs of the phone hence all the bugs that is present. Most of the the updates posted by Motorola was security updates where as one plus is still trying to squash bugs. But with all that talk you would think the one plus would come out the gates better than this.

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