OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+ comparison – The best camera phone?

In this video I have done the OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+ comparison. This will give you a better idea how the OP6 stands in front of the Galaxy S9+.

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38 Replies to “OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+ comparison – The best camera phone?”

  1. Demand of youth

    Gogi ji mai hamesha apka videos watch karta hoon mujhe ek confusion h Oneplus 6 mere ghr p already h agar mai s9 plus leta hoon to aisa to nahi k mera paisa waste jaega q ki mujhe specially camera sabse zyada acha chaaea…. Apke opper decision h.. Abhi mai Oneplus 5 use karrha hoon Oneplus 6 mere sisster k paas h Oneplus zyada fav h dash charging k liye battery backup batae s9 plus k 1+6 se zyada acha h ya phir Oneplus 6 zyada bhadhiya


    I have one plus 6 and I am fully satisfied with this phone.

    Difference between s9 plus camera and one plus 6 is minor only thing I am missing in one plus 6 is stereo speakers I don't really care about useless features like heartrate monitor,Iris scanner etc.

    One plus 6 oxygen OS is light and smooth and one plus 6 bug fixing team and developers are excellent they are so fast, I would rate them after Google pixel devs. in providing updates.

    According to me One plus 6 offers 90% of what s9 plus offer but price of one plus 6 is almost half of Samsung S9 plus

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