OnePlus 6 OFFICIAL SPECS, PRICE, RELEASE DATE | Galaxy S9 and S9+ 2 New Colors Launch

OnePlus 6 OFFICIAL SPECS, PRICE, RELEASE DATE | Galaxy S9 and S9+ 2 New Colors Launch

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20 Replies to “OnePlus 6 OFFICIAL SPECS, PRICE, RELEASE DATE | Galaxy S9 and S9+ 2 New Colors Launch”

  1. Tanner Lack

    If it made the bottom chin smaller, added ip68 water resistance, wireless charging, stereo speakers, expandable storage, and a higher resolution screen. It would be the perfect phone, and maybe something like the edge panell,

  2. Awaks

    The daily water resistance, means just what it sounds like…………..they couldn't get it up to standard of even an IP Rating even after advertising it like it would be good enough to get one and thus decided to cover up the low scale protection as much as possible with the ''Daily Water Resistance''…….ie rain drops and a quick slip into puddles and a WC(screen cannot be used in the rain cuz it just flies around when water touches it[like 5/8x as much as the S8s, which just fiddled a bit], so don't even bother trying your luck in the shower)……

    Yeah, it isn't what you're thinking either… ain't even splash proof [IP54]………….very disappointing, mainly considering they were making such a huge deal about it before launch…….simply put, it has no Ingress Protection Rating….none……like even from 2017, everything from Samsung's A series and above was IP68(yeah all…..meaning the A3, a ~$250 device) and this was the case with some other companies too…..meaning it isn't actually ''water resistant'', but being marketed as such

    Also hate what they're doing with the camera promotion like at 3:43 ………..16M + 20M Dual sensors, with no mention that the secondary 20M sensor is for only depth sensing(ie portrait mode only) and isn't like your regular one which also does 2x optical zoom….should be 16M + 20M(portrait mode only) Dual sensors or 16M + 20M Dual sensors* ( with a disclaimer at the a corner, at end of the vid or something like companies do)…..also, SuperSLow Mo when it maxes at 480fps@720p?????…….this OP6 marketing really is getting on my nerves, and One Plus for one have nerves did that back then(but now we have their CPU core benchmark boosting, the comparison with a Note 8 but with animations on their device turned off, and now this)……….guess this what happens when you go the Apple route. Issa a solid device….don't see why they'd stoop this low. Maybe they could stop copying the Fruit, and start thinking for themselves???

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