Is the OnePlus 6 water resistant? Maybe even a little waterproof? It doesn’t have an official IP Rating. But let’s see how durable it really is. Watch to find out!

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  1. Garen Warriors

    Time for you to make a waterproof test video on OnePlus 6T, ditched the notch, Pete Lau has said their handset could survive a drop into a sink of Water! Let us know if the Phone could really reach IP67 standard

  2. Dennis Vivanco

    Thanks for doing a water test, I've never dropped my phone in water but always wondered since they skipped the certification. Definitely subbed, even though I've been watching your videos for a while.

  3. Aswin J Gopal

    My friend once dropped a OnePlus 6 on a beach in saline water.. it was in for 5 maybe 10 second tops and the speaker acted funny, the screen acted funny, the camera circuits acted funny and even the earpiece wasn't functioning. After quite a bit of drying off using a hairdryer, everything else seemed to work okay except for the camera. A factory reset sorted that too. So my guess is that the camera circuits might have been turned off for protection from the saline water.

  4. Garen Warriors

    All hopes on You for the latest OP6T water test to see if it really improves by generation. I believe they won't rate IP68 until its rival Xiaomi did, at least OnePlus just make a equal quality to IP68, then no rating is acceptable! Or No rates No buy😂

  5. Austin Sanders

    Guys..Trust me when I say it, I have a newly bought One Plus 6…I acted like a Dick yesterday and took underwater photos…the screen has become purplish in color and it happened 3-4 hours later…it is now going to cost me 11k rupees (which is approx $200) so I'd suggest to keep it away from water..

  6. Alec BB

    surely if your phone went in water you would pick it back up straight away instead of waiting 30 seconds. obviously if it fell in the sea or something then sure but if you dropped it in the sink or the bath or something u would get it right there

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