OnePlus 5T vs Galaxy A8 Plus | A8+ Full Comparison – What’s Best For YOU?

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In this video we compare the Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 with the OnePlus 5T to find out which one is better in the ~30K price segment.

Buy A Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus

Where to buy the OnePlus 5T?

The One Plus 5T is powered by the Snapdragon 835 and has 2 variants with 6 and 8 gigs of RAM. It also sports dual rear cameras as well as an 18:9 6.01 inch AMOLED display.

The Samsung Galaxy A8+…

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41 Replies to “OnePlus 5T vs Galaxy A8 Plus | A8+ Full Comparison – What’s Best For YOU?”

  1. Dixit Jain

    One plus 5t is about 33k in india whereas a8+ is available at 25500 on amazon is you apply citibank 2500 rs cashback. A8+ all the way. Why would i buy one plus 5 shit when i can buy s8 for 35k?


    Super amoled display takes over the optic amoled display of oneplus 5t… I've used both of these phones and trust me guys samsung's brightness level is insane even in bright sunlight when compared to oneplus 5t… But i fo agree that oneplus 5t is a better value for money….

  3. Aviv Sharama

    Brand always matters 😂 to sell it again after using dud .? If we buy one+5 at 34k and if u want to sell it after few days no one will be ready to pay more then 13k-15k ? If we sell samsung after using for few days . ? 7/10 people will buy it for 19k-22k ? Bcz samsung is the most trusted brand in India ,😂😂
    Im telling vth experience ??

  4. Awesome videos

    Samsung is a big Brand … One plus 5 can nvr touch samsung's technology.. One plus 5 company has no service centres in Punjab…So in warranty or any damage in one plus t… i will get so much problems.. so i will nvr buy this Phone…
    Samsung is a trusted brand..A lot of service centres are present..
    this is my opinion..

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