OnePlus 5 Hate – From an iPhone User’s Perspective

The OnePlus 5 seems to be easy to hate…Here are my thoughts as an iPhone 7 Plus user. Enjoy!
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20 Replies to “OnePlus 5 Hate – From an iPhone User’s Perspective”

  1. i raja

    england is a city? you went from one side to the other? driving countless hours is a bonus how? you like size without function but its not the size but the motion that matters quality not quantity

  2. saud alhathal

    watching this on a oneplus 5, after having the 5t and the iphone 10, i tried many phones this year, i believe the oneplus 5 and 5t are better than any phone out there, including the OP6, it has it all, and why i hate the op6 because basically for me it lost the "it" factor, op6 is basically and iPhone 10 front and a Samsung back, and i really hate the glass design and the notch, Oneplus is heading towards the consumer market for everyone one, they want their phone to be for everyone not just us the tech geeks, i get it, but i dont think it will keep us their core fans, even though the OP 5 and 5t look like and iphone from the back yet it hasn't lost the IT factor, now OP 6 placed it self next to the samsung and LG and Huawei design language to reach all consumer segments not just us the core fans, for me after the 5 and the 5t starts slowing down and lagging i actually might go back to iphone, because i really hate the design most Android phones out there, samsung worst software ever that includes Huawei and lg, htc basically is dying, pixel dunno where their heading with their plasticy phones, really Android phones manufacturers have no idea what their doing,

  3. Lone Wolf

    Never buy a OnePlus phone. They're garbage. The quality control is awful and the customer service is even worse!

    I bought a new OP 5T and roughly 20 days after I received it, the entire display assembly separated from the phone's frame/body. Oneplus customer service was awful and did nothing for me. A new phone should never have such an issue. It was never dropped or anything. I also found several forums where many other people had the same issue dating all the way back to the OnePlus 1.

    To make things worse, the OnePlus website was hacked and they didn't realize the breach for 3 months! My credit card info was stolen from when I purchased my phone and I had several fraudulent charges on my credit card.

    OnePlus is horrible company and does not deserve your business or hard earned money. Buy their products at your own risk!

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