Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Protective Standing Cover

Review of the Official Samsung Protective Standing Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, this is one of the official cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, great rugged protection, kickstand, grippy, tough and MIL-STD-810G-516.7 great case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

The Official Samsung Protective Standing Cover for the S9 + is in my Top 5 cases for the S9 +, anyone looking for protection should buy one. In the coming weeks i will be reviewing, VRS, Otterbox, Caseology, Ringke, Olixar…

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37 Replies to “Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Protective Standing Cover”

  1. Lolvelel

    Do you have an issue with this case or have you ever dropped your phone with this case? Please help me I want to buy this case but I'm not sure how protecter this case 😥

  2. Alicia Walmsley

    Hello great video as usual. I bought this case about a week ago and I love it. I have the s9 in the titanium grey which doesn't really matter you can't see much of the colour on the back anyway. I live in Canada and I paid $60.00 which is pricy no doubt but I just love how the case feels and I love the kickstand. I have used spigen tough armor kick stands in the past and this Samsung kickstand is so much better very sturdy which I love. This is my very first Android phone and I went with a s9 I really am enjoying the phone. But this Samsung case is very impressive well done Samsung and well done Tech Zilla!

  3. Clownius_

    Hello Tech Zilla, I'm getting my Samsung s9+ tomorrow and im considering buying this case but I also want a good screen protector, now will a screen protector fit with the case on ?

  4. ya hoo

    do you think the grooves on the back of the phone will stop a magnet sticker being able to stick to it? i use a magnet sticker for sticking to my magnetic car phone holder, but im thinking as its not a flat surface it might not stick

  5. Brian M

    Excellent video. Nice case too. Hopefully my wife will upgrade her S7 Edge to this phone so I can play with it!! I like those grooves on the case but not sure if she will like it so much, maybe too much of a rugged look for her. Sharing your video now!

  6. Valeriu Iosub

    So what will Samsung bring to the table with the S9?
    I'm intrigued to see what the Samsung galaxy S9 will be in terms of specs.
    Will Samsung finally bring dual speakers to this phone? Will it have exynos or qualqum processor? How will the touching behave, how bigger the battery will be.. Questions, questions.. Question… A few more waiting days and all will be revealed..

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