Official Samsung Galaxy S9 LED Wallet Cover Case – Detailed Review

Full Review of the official Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus LED Wallet Cover Case. This Galaxy S9 case allows you to receive LED notifications right on your actual cover case so let’s dive in and find out everything you can do with it.


Galaxy S9 LED Wallet Cover Case:

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41 Replies to “Official Samsung Galaxy S9 LED Wallet Cover Case – Detailed Review”

  1. Brady Curtis

    @sakitech can you please help me? Whenever the case closes the phone goes into sleep mode or whatever. If I'm on YouTube it no longer let's me listen with the case being closed. How do I fix this

  2. AllSortsOfVideos

    Great video! A question for you…if someone is ringing you and the case is shut, what happens if you open the case without answering the call using the swipe on the case? Does it automatically answer the call…or do you have to then swipe on the actual screen to answer? Thanks

  3. Cher a Smile

    Great video as always from you. First point, why have they yet magnetized the corners or something. That's a fail on their part (especially @ this price). Also, I'm curious, can you change the default color for the default icons such as time, etc. Also, I just assigned an icon to another phone # I have and when I called myself, it didn't show up – just the standard phone receiver icon did. Am I missing something here?

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