New IPhone 6s for $29 Boost Mobile Promotion

Boost Mobile is currently offering a new IPhone 6s for only $29!! wow if thats not a good deal then idk what is, lets find out what are the requirements and if its worth it. Link (True Unlimited 4G AT&T Hotspot) use this link to help me earn commission:

Promo Code is: sanchez45973
(Use Promo Code at checkout with monthly service to get a $10 discount)

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22 Replies to “New IPhone 6s for $29 Boost Mobile Promotion”

  1. Hugo Garcia

    Hey dragonic i have a lg g6 on boostup ive only made 2 payments on but i want to switch carriers to mint mobile, can i pay what i still owe on the phone in a lump sum and have it unlocked or can i cancel the service and just keep paying on the phone

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