Motorola Moto X Pure (2015) Screen Replacement & Teardown – Disassembly

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Parts: (find correct color to match phone)
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SpudgerOpening tools:
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I buy parts and tools from ebay, amazon and etradesupply….

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37 Replies to “Motorola Moto X Pure (2015) Screen Replacement & Teardown – Disassembly”

  1. tiwar87

    Thanks for sharing, excellente tutorial! I did it and i could replace the screen, but the accelerometer doesnt still work! Do you know where the accelerometer is in hardware? Because i would like to test the component and know if it is working or not!

  2. Breno Mirisola

    Hy, I would like to know if the soft keys have a different sensor on them, cause I own a moto x pure that had the screen replaced, but after some months the entire touch screen works but the three soft keys (home, back and recent). I was told by motorola that it is a hardware issue but on developer mode I can see that the touch screen reads my touches on the soft keys area, and also in the lock screen or on android auto I´m able to use that touch section just fine!!

  3. Sathrox

    Where would I be able to buy a replacement screen in its entirety? Phone screen broke earlier today, and I've already tried just about everything else. Not cracked but about 1/4th of screen doesn't register taps

  4. etyrnal

    If my phone has a custom motomaker walnut back, can it be removed, and replaced without splitting or cracking, and what do you do about the adhesive? Can the original walnut back be put back on? Will it install as perfectly as the original installation?

  5. Codrut Ilie Ban

    +How2Tech I've watched your video on the 2nd Gen Moto X for the frame removal guide as you suggested, but I still didn't got what I was looking for…
    What do you think about removing the lcd from the digirizer, is it worth it ?
    What preoccupies me a lot is the fact that I never worked with IPS and I already have some IPS glowing going around edges.
    In the end I want to know is your opinion on:
    Is worth it the extra work of removing the LCD panel and replace only the glass (10-15€) or go for a screen assembly (50-60€) because there might be complications putting the glass and panel all back together (alignment issues, more like xyz ). PS I mainly use very narrow double-sided tape

  6. #2cyclebiker Aric Street

    when you order the LCD screen digitizer + frame assembly it does not come with the front speaker bars. I guess those are some kind of protective bars for when the phone is resting on its face then the audio can still emit? so I need see disassembly of lcd screen and bar assembly?

  7. Jason Ruch

    I just replaced my screen. Everything went good thanks to your video but when i powered on my phone it a rainbow static on the entire screen. It responds to touch but whole screen covered in static. Any idea whats wrong?

  8. Rick Funk

    Just replaced my 1-month-old Moto X 32gb Pure edition screen. Do yourself a favor! Go out and buy yourself a good T4 screwdriver, don't use the cheap ones that might come with the screen, they will probably cause you to strip most of the screws like I did (6 or 7 of them), but with a good T4 screwdriver, I was able to get them out and replace the screen and use the same screws to close up the case.

  9. Bryce

    This video is fabulous! Question: It seems like screen assembly replacements do NOT have a front-facing flash, but I have no idea how to transfer my flash from the cracked screen into the new assembly/screen. How can I get front-facing camera flash into my new screen replacement?

  10. SimplyT K

    Holy $h!t  I'm on the last black screw on the mother board to the screen and it stripped. I'm so close to tearing this phone apart. Please help. What should I do? Damn it, why the last screw??… So frustrated as two other screws almost didn't come out. I got those with one size bigger bit.

  11. ThatOneVr4

    Thanks for making this video! My Moto X Pure got ran over by an 18-wheeler Semi Truck and it shattered the screen in tiny pieces. Thanks to your video I got the phone back working again!

    6 of the screws got stripped. For some reason the replacement screen wouldn't stay connected to the frame or body of the phone. I used some super glue around the outside of the screen and it seems to be holding it together!

    The display and touch screen is working like new again. I'll have to test the sound and I'm not sure if the front"Flash" will work but I'll test it out. I'm just surprised it survived being ran over on the interstate.

    The screen was shattered and I could feel the phone vibrate when I hit the power button, so I figured it could still be saved. Thanks again!

  12. Ugo de jacobis

    thanks for the vid! i replaced my screen yesterday but i forgot about the flash on the front, can i add it to the new lcd/screen that i put on the phone or is the flash no good anymore?? thanks a lot!!

  13. W0WM0M 1377

    Honestly, the most difficult part of this seems to be getting the screws out without stripping them. I couldn't get two screws out and and to make a long story short, cracked the logic board. Like someone else has mentioned, the torque 4 screwdriver seemed to be a better choice than the T5. The T5 is what stripped the screws on my phone. Oh well, it's only money. Going to go look at that new Moto Z. 🙂

  14. Quinto Van Peborgh

    I replaced the screen of my cellphone but when i turn it on it freezes on the power screen. Sometimes it gets past the homescreen but it freezes again and restarts. Do you know where I messed up? Is it fixable? Thanks!

  15. Sumedha Ranaweera

    Many thanks for doing this. This is great and I managed to replace my broken screen by walking through the same steps in the video. I had zero trouble and the operation completed successfully. Thanks again.

  16. tyler sproat

    Is there any difference between the screens on ebay and the ones on etradesupply?. I saw some on ebay and some peoples reviews were not so good on the color quality. The ebay ones are a little cheaper.

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