Motorola Moto G Review – The Best Budget Smartphone

With the Moto G Motorola revolutionises the market for budget smartphones. At a price of around 170$ the phone not only features a 4.5 Inch 720p HD screen but also a Snapdragon 400 Quad-Core Processor and 1GB of RAM. For customisation you can exchange the back panel for a variety of different colors.

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24 Replies to “Motorola Moto G Review – The Best Budget Smartphone”

  1. wellrounded713

    I Have this phone for a week and your review is dead on. yes it is 2015 but it's still great especially at a price of $29 at Best Buy here in new York city on a prepaid Verizon plan. Could not believe as I was removing this from the box that it was $29.

  2. Sirdiggar

    Amazing device I've just got this coming from a nexus 4, (which I smashed) was going for the nexus 5 but at this price its a no brainer, the nexus 5 has issues with battery etc, moto go battery is superb and the speaker is very good too.. Screen performance all great. Love it.

  3. John Railton

    A good review and a great phone, got an 8 gig which is more than enough for everyday use. If your not planning on playing big games on it. You also get 50 gig Google drive space free.
    Happy New Year

  4. markos741

    I agree with the title and with everything said. Great review.
    I think that Google is finally headed to the right direction. It is taking control of its OS, producing great phones running stock Android, and at amazingly competitive prices. For the first time in years I feel like they finally took the mobile market seriously and I predict that Google is going to cause big problems to Apple in the months to come.
    I've been and still am a fan of iOS, but I also love stock android and in some aspects I'm enjoying it even more than the iOS.
    Tomorrow I'm expecting my new Nexus 5 which I decided to purchase after my positive experience with stock android on my Nexus 7.
    Again congrats for the great review.

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